Book Meet materials has been published – in English!

About five years ago the Dutch book Kennismaken met materialen saw the light of day. A book that has found its way into large and small companies, educational and research institutes, universities, bookstores and libraries, as a reference work but also as a (business) gift for many interested parties. The described examples in the world around us have made it clear in an accessible manner what seemingly self-evident but important role materials play. The starting point has always been: why is that peculiar material suitable for that application, and which knobs do we have to turn to get better materials – should the current ones not satisfy?

Meet materials - Materials science & technology for people without a materials background

Since then, it has been suggested several times whether this book could also be made available in the English language. It took a while, but now it is here. Since this month, the English book Meet materials – Materials science & technology for people without a materials background is available. Just like the colourful and informative Dutch edition from 2016, with the beautiful field of materials approached from various angles, but now a quarter thicker.

In addition to ample attention to (advanced) ceramics, glass, composites, polymers, rubber, carbon and metals, materials for the energy transition are now combined into their own chapter. As a result, the electrification of (future) energy supply has an important place in the book. And what about high-tech materials such as silicon for computer chips? Besides, it is always nice to write and read about the pleasures of life, such as materials for red wine.

Meet materials is available via this website for the sum of €49.95 including VAT. The Dutch-language book Kennismaken met materialen, five years old but ever so relevant, is still available via the same website, and will remain so.